Parents, I’m sure you’ve been stuck for ideas when it comes to what kind of cake will make your child’s birthday that extra bit special.

If you google “cool birthday cakes,” you get some very unique and awesome results. From six-tier rainbow cakes to Harry Potter cakes to minion cupcake towers — the internet is crawling with the creations of enthusiastic cake-makers.

Here’s the thing, though — do these cakes move? Do they shape-shift like some sort of supernatural creature?

Because this cake does.

A man named Russell Munro made this spectacular Optimus Prime cake for his son’s Transformers-themed birthday party.

Gizmodo reports that Munro used a 3D printer for the foundations of the cake, and the edible parts were put in between the structures and were used to cover the motors and any other machinery.

Every parent out there now has some competition for the coolest birthday party ever!

What’s the coolest birthday cake you’ve ever seen? Tell us about it in the comments below!