Before yellow and purple Wiggles Lauchie and Emma hooked up and got engaged, there was another loved up kid’s band making music for children.

With her red and white stripy socks Lah-Lah and her Big Live Band on ABC4 Kid’s TV are Australia’s newest kid’s band sensation.

Introducing little people to the joys of all different types of instruments, this is real music with real meaning.

The couple behind Lah-Lah are Tina and Mark Harris who have managed to create job’s that allow the whole family to tour Australia together. I caught up with Tina ahead of their QPAC concerts in September.

How did Lah-Lah and her Big Live Band start?

Well it started with me meeting my Husband Mark at the Conservatorium of Music when I was 19 years old on a harbour cruise. After the kids came along I wanted to get back into working and had been singing with Opera Australia but I didn’t want to go back into that world because it’s pretty full on. A friend encouraged me to get into teaching early childhood music.

So I trained up to do a kinder music program and started a school. That then grew to four schools teaching over 200 families every week doing early childhood music appreciation programs. My husband would come along and play his double bass and we would do a few songs and sing and dance for the kids and some parents suggested that we should do a show together. We thought that was a great idea. So we tried it in 2008 and put together a band and put on a show and the rest his history.

Did you imagine it would go this big with a TV program, sold out shows and The Stripy Sock Club?

It had always been my wish that it would unfold the way it has. The whole band is about introducing kids to musical instruments and it has struck a cord with Aussie families. Since the TV show started we have seen a massive explosion but we have been together as a band for 6 years.

You manage to tour with your daughters Emily and Lily. There has been a bit of an uproar over the Cricket WAG’s touring with the Aussie Cricket team and it affecting their performance. What do you say to that since you tour with your family?

Well I think it makes us behave better and we love having our kids on the road. We are not 20 something rockers anymore so no late nights playing up and partying for us anyway. A few of our band members have toured with big bands over the years, and they just love that we have done our gig’s by 3pm each day and they love that they get to go out for dinner and go to bed early for a change.  

Sometimes however the girls stay with their grandparents, but they are not missing out on coming to Queensland. They love it.

How did you come up with the costumes for the band because as the Wiggles know, costumes are a big deal. Skivvies were taken, how did the red and white stripy socks come about?

Well it was a very organic process. When I came up with Lah-Lah and the stage show I knew I wanted something different for our costumes.  I had been mulling around different designs for a while in my head. I had a black skirt, red jacket and a stripy black and white top that I found at the local Anglicare store and I popped it together and I liked that.

Then a girl I knew came to work with red and white stripy socks and I thought they were fantastic and I have to use those, so that’s how Lah-Lah came together and that worked.

So the costume was from a thrift shop, that’s great!

Yes and Marks army jacket came from Anglicare as well and we got it re-designed. But I wanted to have a unique look and we built all the colours and style for the rest of the band from those red and white socks.

Catch Lah-Lah and her Big Live Band at QPAC September 30. For more information visit .