A story about a teddy bear lost in a Canadian museum has gone viral, as staff try to reunite the teddy with his owner.

The owner, a young boy who visited the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Canada, accidentally left the teddy in the washroom.

A museum staffer, Jenna Cannon said she remembers helping the boy when he got frightened during a tour of the dinosaur exhibit. She said his teddy really helped him to calm down.

Usually, the museum donate any lost items to charity, but knowing how much the teddy meant to him and with no way to find the boy or his parents, the museum decided to launch a campaign to reunite the bear and the boy.

The museum has been tweeting pictures of the bear with hashtag #lostbear in the hope that the boy’s family will get the message.

The teddy bear has been making his way around the museum, having all sorts of adventures while he waits for his family to return.

First he stayed with his friends, the bears:


Image via Twitter

Then he did some bird watching:


Image via Twitter

Had a close encounter with a T-Rex:


Image via Twitter

He even asked the local bees for honey:

teddy bear honey

Image via Twitter

Let’s hope the pair reunite soon!