A new Montessori Children’s House has opened up in Brisbane, under the Avenues Group.

Avenues Montessori Children’s House is part of a large family with a proud story of educational facilities with a significant history and presence in the community in Brisbane.

This unique service offers a supportive and educational experience, within long day care hours for children aged 12 months to 6 years.

Located high on the hill in Bowen Hills, Avenue Montessori Children’s House follows Dr. Maria Montessori’s Philosophy and Method of Education. They believe children carry within themselves the person they will become, and in order for them to develop their physical, intellectual and spiritual potential to the fullest they must have freedom to develop in an environment prepared for their individual needs.

The Montessori method of teaching aims for the fullest development of the whole child, ultimately preparing him for life’s many rich experiences.

Complemented by her training in medicine, psychology and anthropology, Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) developed her philosophy based upon actual observations of children.

The Montessori method maintains that; each child possess within himself a drive to explore, to discover, to learn. That in a stimulating environment he will spontaneously engage in exploratory tasks and in doing so he unconsciously constructs his own personality.

Avenues Montessori Children’s House is located in the redeveloped building and gardens of Schonell House, which was once the Endeavour Foundation’s school. The facilities have been specifically designed to support the Montessori environment and programs. These exceptional environments foster a close interaction with nature, with the flow of each room taking into account on how children interact with the spaces, environment and Montessori Materials.

The Children’s House is dedicated to promoting, following and role-modelling a sense of respect for the natural environment and therefore incorporate sustainable and sensitive practices into their practices wherever possible. The use of cloth nappies and hand towels and Organic cleaning products ensures that there is little waste and minimal landfill is created through their practices.

The services kitchen has been awarded a 5 stars from Brisbane City Council for its facilities, the employment of a trained Chef and in the diverse and nutritional meals that are prepared daily.

The staffing team has been employed for their knowledge, training and implementation of the Montessori method and Philosophy. The team is highly accomplished and possess multiple skill sets and languages. They have qualifications that met all government requirements, with many having additional and supportive qualifications.

Their mission is to connect and partner with families in providing holistic learning experiences which address the uniqueness of each child and empowers them to achieve and develop a strong sense of self; of wonder and curiosity; of innovation and understanding; and respect for others and the natural environment.

This facility really needs to be seen to appreciate the attention to detail that has gone into every aspect of the design of the premises and the creation of an exceptional learning environment.

For more information on Avenues Montessori Children’s House visit www.avenuesmontessori.com.au or call the Director on 07 3638 8910.

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