A three-year-old Indigenous girl has tried to scrub off her ‘black skin’ after being racially abused at a shopping centre last week in Victoria.

Young Samara Muir and her mother were at a Melbourne shopping centre last week, at an event for fans of the animated film Frozen when she was verbally attacked regarding the colour of her skin.

Samara’s mother, Rachel Muir, said they were waiting in line for a snow pit when a woman and her two daughters began abusing them.

“We were standing in the line and the lady turned to her daughters and said, ‘I don’t know what that girl’s getting excited for because Elsa isn’t black’,” Ms Muir told NITV News.

“Then her daughters turned around and said: ‘Yeah, she is black and black is ugly’,” Ms Muir said.

Ms Muir revealed her daughter was so traumatised after the event she sat in a bath and scrubbed until she started bleeding in an attempt to remove her black skin.

“She was asking to have baths every day and she was soaping up to look white. But then she got the glove and scratched herself until it was red. I had to tell her skin colour isn’t going to come off. You are born that way and it isn’t going to come off,” she said.

Ms Muir said her daughter also refused to go to Aboriginal dance classes, saying it was “because black is ugly”.

Samara and her mother have received hundreds of messages of support after Ms Muir posted an account of the incident on Facebook.

She said her daughter was no longer ashamed of her skin colour.

“She tells people, if you scratch your skin it won’t come off. You have to be proud of who you are and she sure is proud of her culture, and tomorrow she will go back to her dance group to do some dances for NAIDOC,” Ms Muir said.