A Florida six-year-old’s beloved Hobbes plush toy has had the adventure of a lifetime while lost in Tampa International Airport.

Many a toy gets lost in the mad shuffle of a family holiday every day (or, to put it lightly, “gone on an adventure”), mostly never to be seen again, but thankfully, one had a happy ending.

On June 6 in Tampa, Florida, 6-year-old Owen Lake lost his stuffed tiger Hobbes, from the popular comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, en route to a vacation with his family.

Rather than leave Hobbes lonely at a desk until his very grateful owner picked him up, airport Operations manager Tony D’Auito remembered a story of an English museum taking a lost stuffed lion on a photo shoot and adventure of the premises, so decided to do the same for Hobbes. Before long, he was ruling the whole place. Check out the photos!

Even in the air traffic control tower!

Even in the air traffic control tower!


Had a snack.


Got fit at the gym.


Made sure everything was running smoothly.


He went for a ride.


When Hobbes and his owner were reunited, he was presented with a photo album of Hobbes’s adventure.