St Laurence’s College celebrated a centenary of education by stepping back in time for a day.

A Day in 1915 allowed the Laurie’s boys to experience what it might have been like to attend the school 100 years ago, with teachers dressing in clothing appropriate to that era and students enjoying various activities reminiscent of 1915.

In the afternoon, the entire school gathered together to sing Happy Birthday and celebrate the unveiling of the Centenary Arch. There were confetti canons, a speech by school principal Mr Ian McDonald and an enormous cake made in the shape of the number 100.

The honour of cutting this confectionery creation was given to the school’s youngest student Euan Lynch, College Captain Zane Playle and 100-year-old Old Boy Robert Scott to rousing cheers and hollers from the entire congregation.

Principal Ian McDonald made a speech reflecting on the challenges the College has faced over the past 100 years, but also the numerous achievements.

College Captain Zane Playle spoke about what it’s like being Head Boy in this auspicious year. “For me, it makes me think about what it would’ve been like to be a student 100 years ago, the difference between my experience and someone back then,” he said.

“I’m also really proud that I am College Captain and the feeling of leading the boys during this special anniversary is really exciting. There is a strong sense of community and team spirit and I’m proud to be part of that.”

The celebrations continue throughout the year with school tours for Old Boys as well as the 46th annual Walkathon for charity, interstate reunions for Old Boys, an Ambrose Golf tournament at Brisbane Golf Club, Tennis Grand Slam at the Tennyson Tennis Centre and the Principal’s history book launch.