In these days of smartphones and social media, where children can become a household name with just the click of a button, how do you deal with instant fame and the possible scrutiny that comes with it?

Ayesha Curry, mother of RIley Curry, her child with NBA player Stephen Curry, has spoken out on the topic in an op-ed for Time magazine.

In recent weeks, two-year-old RIley became an internet sensation when she appeared at numerous post-game press conferences, stealing the show from her famous dad.

But while the appearances were undoubtedly harmless and all in good fun, they have resulted in a number of journalists from around the world questioning the couple’s parenting skills.

In the piece, Ayesha says that the increased attention and scrutiny on her family as a result of the appearances has made her and Stephen realise the need to maintain a normal home for their daughter.

All the hoopla and excitement of Stephen playing for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Playoffs has really put our life into perspective. If anything, the attention has brought us closer together and made us realize that through all of this, we need to remain balanced and relaxed, especially in our home with our daughter.

However, she stood by her and Stephen’s decision to allow Riley onto the podium with her dad, saying that the time with her father allows them to keep their lives as normal as possible, engaging with her despite his busy schedule.

I feel that the biggest thing you can do, as a parent, is to engage. You can never be too busy for your child. There should always be time for a bedtime story, impromptu playtime, or a quick game of hide-and-seek—or “find me,” as Riley calls it. These moments with your child should never get pushed to the bottom of the list. In these moments we set the foundation for the kind of relationship we want to have with our children as they grow.

Stephen attends practice every day, and gives his all during the games on an almost-nightly basis. When that’s over, all he wants is to see his family, and on the day of that press conference, our daughter wanted to be with her father. I thought it was beautiful for him not to push his daddy duties to the bottom of the list just because all eyes were on him. I believe you should let your children be children, and don’t be afraid to be a parent, regardless of who’s watching.

Family matters! Our children matter! At the end of the day, when all the lights dim, and the cameras are gone, we are still here as his biggest, loudest, and most supportive cheerleaders. We are also extremely proud that in spite of some criticism, Riley was able to share in that experience with her father and bring joy and laughter into the lives and homes of many all over the world.

You can read the full piece here.