Until I discovered the Busy Little Kids app, I thought I was a cool mum.

You know, the one who refuses to buy toys for their child because it doesn’t help their imagination grow. The one who insists they must work out how to make sticks and a couple of hand-me-down Lego pieces turn magically into some kind of toy. (For boys, most probably a gun, and for girls a fairy wand.) As I’d shove my daughter and any other child over for a play date out the door, insisting the backyard was full of fun and that she just needed to imagine it, I’d wonder why she would meander back in looking for me to entertain her… I thought there was something wrong with her, not with me.

Then I discovered the Busy Little Kids app, which I shared with you a few months ago, and realised I needed to help her find that imagination. And so began afternoons finding leaves to paint instead of paper, and tea parties to have under the trampoline with grown up tea bags and lots and lots and LOTS of water, because pouring one cup of tea is never enough. I must drink 49 cups before the game gets old.

The point is, the ideas kickstarted something. As I helped start something in the backyard with some old rice and teabags, something else started in her little brain, her imagination.

When I interviewed Neva Elliot, the mother of two behind the Busy Little Kids phenomena, we connected over the phone as I confessed I was a single white female and stalked her every social media move. What blossomed from that was not a restraining order, but a friendship, which turned into her asking me to present the next stage of her grand plan.

The Busy Little Kids webisodes.

One hot spring afternoon in Neva’s back yard, using our kids as child labour… I mean child stars. We filmed a series which has recently gone live on YouTube. They are short minute-and-a-half idea starters for your day. They compliment the app by showing you how easy it is to turn reading books into an event, or cleaning out the pantry into hours of peace and quiet…. I mean toys.

I want to share them with you now in the hope you will love them, find them of use, and to thank you, because doing this parenting thing online here led me to meeting and now working with the lady I stalked, I mean admired.

I can honestly tell you the kids loved every single thing. We didn’t even have to bribe them with M&Ms to look like they were having fun.

And as my three-year-old would say… Ta-Dah!

For more ideas, head to busylittlekids.com.au.