Be careful what you (or Santa) are placing under the tree this year. These toys have been banned after failing a number of safety tests.

It looks like those so called hard working elves in Santa’s Workshop have not been putting their best foot forward this year.

The Office of Fair Trading has conducted a pre-Christmas toy safety blitz to find and remove unsafe toys from shelves. A number of toys were removed from sale in 2014 due to breaches of mandatory safety standards.

The safety process has been very thorough, with Fair Trading having to pull seven toys from more than the 6000 lines checked. The toys were mostly pulled because they had small or detachable parts which could form a choking hazard.

Anyone who has purchased one is eligible for a refund.

Parents are urged to follow the Five S’s of Toy Safety to conduct their own safety checks:

  • Size – the smaller the child the bigger the toy should be (anything smaller than a 35 millimetre film canister or ping pong ball is too small for a child under three).
  • Shape – be wary of products that, because of their shape, may be easily swallowed or have sharp edges or points.
  • Surface – make sure all finishes are non-toxic (this should be stated on packaging).
  • Strings – anything over 30cm is a strangulation hazard for a small child and should be removed.
  • Supervision – nothing replaces close supervision.

Click through the gallery above to see the most dangerous Christmas toys.