How many times have you heard Do You Want to Build a Snowman? this year? Well, now you can build an actual snowman with your little ones at Redblank Plaza in their Frozen-themed play zone.

With the weather warming up in time for a typical Aussie Christmas, building a snowman sounds even more appealing than having Frozen on repeat with the aircon working overtime. The kids can even come along too if they want, we guess.

In addition to having a play in the snow, kiddies can also make masks of their favourite Frozen characters and have a play on the iPad station.

Entry is free, and there will be free instaprints with life-sized cutouts of Frozen characters, Frozen tattoos, prizes and more.

It’s the perfect Christmas event for little Frozen fans who aren’t quite ready to let it go…

The Frozen play zone will be open from December 15-20 at Redbank Plaza (1 Collingwood Drive, Redbank). For more info on this event, check out our event guide listing.