Avid Reader is opening up a new children’s book shop that is sure to delight even the most bookish of little book worms.

The books we read as children have the power to shape us for life, and now Brisbane kids have even more literary treasures to choose from.

Brisbane’s Avid Reader Bookshop has announced plans to open a dedicated children’s bookshop next to its West End store. The new store will be called ‘Where the Wild Things Are Books & Gifts’ and will be a creative and engaging space filled with a wide-range of books and gifts for young people and their families, teachers and carers.

Avid Reader opened in September 1997 when Fiona Stager, Kevin Guy, Verdi Guy and Colleen Mullin decided that West End needed a bookstore specializing in new, quality fiction and non-fiction.

The store has become a well loved literary hotspot thanks to frequent in-store events including book launches, signings and introductory nights for fledgling and established book clubs.

Avid Reader co-owner Fiona Stager said an overwhelming demand for Children’s and Young Adult fiction in Brisbane had inspired the team to open the new store.

“The population of children and young adults in this area has grown and so we’re opening the store to cater to that need,” she said. “Kids are reading more than ever before, despite what people say about them spending too much time in front of screens. The Young Adult market has also grown extensively over the past few years, and one of the reasons for that is that so many adults now read Young Adult fiction.

“We are refitting and working on the new store now and it’s going to be an amazing space, we’ve added a lot of special touches like a dollhouse.”

Ms Stager said that another special feature of ‘Where the Wild Things Are Books & Gifts’ is that it will be gender neutral, allowing kids to explore and fall in love with books without being segregated to the dreaded blue and pink aisles.

“I always say ‘let toys be toys and let books be books’ kids should be allowed to read whatever they are interested in regardless of gender,” she said. “So if boys come into the store and they just want to read about fairies, they can do that here. If little girls want to read book about trucks they can do that. All the books are together and never separated by ideas of gender.”

‘Where the Wild Things Are Books & Gifts’ is scheduled to be open seven days a week and will be located next to Avid Reader on 193 Boundary Street in West End. The store will be open in the new year.