The minds of the little people of Brisbane will be blown when their favorite Australian entertainers, The Wiggles, AND Santa Claus unite for one show only at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

Bigger, brighter and wigglier than ever, the skivvied children’s entertainment group are super excited to bring their new live performance, The Wiggles’ Big Show, to Brisbane and share the stage with the big man himself. I caught up with the newest member, Yellow Wiggle Emma, to find out how an oestrogen injection has changed the group and if we might see more skirts and skivvy combinations on stage down the track.

I’m very excited to be speaking to you, Emma; you’re the new Yellow Wiggle and the first female to be a part of the group. Tell me, what’s it like living a day in the life of a Wiggle?

It’s so busy, you don’t know what’s going to happen each day. We debuted the Big Show in Tasmania in Hobart and Launceston and that was a lot of fun.  And we just got back from Perth, so it’s pretty full on.

How have you settled in to the group?

It’s been really good and I can’t believe its already been 2 years! I kind of feel like its been 10. But it’s been wonderful and I wear this big yellow bow in my hair and on my shoes and in the shows we’ve started to see more and more children dressing up, particularly girls. In Tasmania we saw a dozen kids at the front dressed in yellow, even boys with yellow flowers. It’s just been incredible.

Have you got little boys crushing on you, Emma?

I have had a few marriage proposals on big cardboard signs with sparkles and they generally seem to be under the age of four.

What do you say to the kids? How do you break their little hearts?

Well, you know, it is hard. I say maybe in 30 years time we can talk about it.

And I hear you’ve been working on a full length Wiggle feature film with Ben Elton…

Yes, it’s so exciting and something we didn’t think would ever happen. Ben is such a fan of the Wiggles because his kids watched the guys when they were little.

He came to watch the show at the end of last year so we were all really apprehensive thinking is he going to like it, with a girl it’s a very different show, but he said he was blown away and so excited because he’d been waiting to do a film with the Wiggles forever. Here we go, bring it on!

We’ve started doing workshops with Ben and writing songs and reading through the script. When I started I never thought I’d be in a movie, that’s just so far fetched.

I see you’ve done ballet lessons since you were three, and there are some photos floating around of you with a yellow bow in your curly hair. You were destined to be the Yellow Wiggle!

It’s bizarre. My school uniform was yellow and in every sports house I had in primary school and high school I was in the yellow house, and then when I started ballet we had to wear particular colours for our height and I was always yellow.

Do you have a fascination with yellow?

Now that I’ve become the yellow Wiggle, people tend to purchase things that are yellow for me. Like the other day I got a beautiful yellow makeup bag! Luckily I do think it’s a great colour. It’s bright, it’s happy, and it’s nice because boys and girls can wear it.

You know what I found amazing, is when you became the yellow Wiggle you had a feature in Time Magazine!

That was so amazing because we were in America and we were doing all this media, trying to get the new generation of the Wiggles out there, and even though we were doing back to back media Time was not on the brief and when we found it in the paper it trumped everything we’d been doing. I had to read it twice; I was like, hey, that’s my name!

You’re bringing the show to Queensland on Tuesday 23 December at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre; can we expect Santa to make an appearance?

Yes, Santa will be making an appearance because it is so close to Christmas! There’ll be reindeers and Santa’s helpers and new costumes, which is very exciting. We’ve also got an Irish dance troupe in the show, which hasn’t happened for years.

And your album Apples and Bananas just won best children’s album at the 2014 ARIA awards!

We’re all very excited, it’s a great night out. We went last year and I’d never been before.

Did you have to wear your skivvies?

No, but we decided to wear them. The boys wore coloured blazers and I decided to wear sparkly shoes.

Well, Emma, thank you so much for chatting to me. Congratulations, and in the future I’d love to see another female member.

I’d love it too, and you do never know. Thank you!

The Wiggles play the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Tuesday 23 December. For more information, visit our event guide.