Brisbane hairdresser Ashlea Kemp is hoping to raise thousands of dollars for homeless and disadvantaged young people with her first ebook 20 Quick and Easy Hairstyles.

The ebook was created not only to raise fund to help others, but also to eliminate the stress from getting girls ready for school by teaching the step-by-step instructions any mum (or dad!) can follow to have their daughter’s hair looking beautiful in less than three minutes.

This vibrant and passionate mum chatted to us about her plans to change the world, one rope braid at a time.

“Basically I’ve created an ebook of 20 different styles, that includes five step-by-step easy instructions so the children can also start to learn how to do their own hair,” she explains. “We’ve done 20 different styles so they can get themselves ready for school. How did we come up with this idea? Well, we did it because all of our clients over the years have basically said to us, ‘Can you please just teach me how to do my daughter’s hair quickly so we can get out the door?’ Secondly, because I’m huge on raising funds for charity, I’m so passionate about it, we’re trying to find a way to make a lot more money for the children. This is on a bigger scale than what we traditionally do and is something that we haven’t tried before so we’re excited and hopeful.”

Unsurprisingly, Ashlea says parents have jumped at the chance to make school mornings less stressful.

“The response has been great, absolutely fantastic. But we need to get it in front of more mums and school kids because once they realise how helpful this ebook is and how it can make everything so much less stressful on a school morning, honestly, everyone will want a copy.

“The feedback we’ve been getting from people who have already purchased and used the book is that they love it. They love the styles, they love that anyone can create each style and that even dads can help create these hairstyles. It’s all super easy which is what people are discovering.”

Ashlea is the owner of Unsurpassable Hair and Make-Up, and shared with us that the eBook brainwave followed a discussion with her girlfriends about the daily struggle of getting their daughters ready for school. “Every girl deserves to feel beautiful and every parent deserves a stress-free morning – that’s what my ebook offers. And the hairstyles have been dad-tested, so there is no excuse for your daughter not to leave the house feeling confident and happy before she goes to school.”

With 20 styles to choose from, does Ashlea have a personal favourite? “Probably the rope braid because it’s one of the easiest styles but it looks absolutely stunning. It’s a very elegant style and I actually wear it in my own hair all the time.”

When talking to Ashlea about this project, her determination and dedication is obvious. “Because of my own personal life experiences, I’m very very passionate about helping anything to do with children so that we can put a stop to any childhood abuse. We’re on a mission to make a whole lot of money and give it to the right people to affect change.”

“So that’s why we’re donating 25 per cent of all profits to Brisbane Youth Service, a not-for-profit organisation that is helping disadvantaged young people find housing and successfully transition to adulthood. We’re hoping that if everyone could just give a little back, it can make a huge difference.”

She pauses, and then adds: “We need money to impact change and I don’t how to exactly fix the problem but if you put your mind to it, it can be amazing what you can achieve.”

To purchase your own copy of the 20 Quick and Easy Hairstyles ebook, click here.