Warning: Explicit Language. From the author of the international best seller Go the F**k to Sleep comes a long-awaited sequel about the other great parental frustration: getting your child to eat something… ANYTHING!

I was gifted the first book, a children’s book for adults, not long after Millie Valentine was born. I laughed and laughed but naively thought, this will never happen to me. My child will be perfect because of my awesome parenting skills and bedtime routines. Ah, bless my stupid cotton socks, a year later the nightmare of getting my toddler to bed reared its exhausting head.

Now my night times involves negotiations of book counts that would rival a G20 meeting, flipping through the 10th book’s pages faster than an F1 race and more patting of my kid’s back in a night than a new puppy experiences in a week. People wonder why mothers drink — I wonder why some don’t! So Adam Mansbach’s first book, Go the F**k to Sleep, is my bible. That book is the way, the truth and the life of being a parent.

And now, like the New Testament, comes the equally truthful sequel, You Have to F***ing Eat.

Like manna from the heavens, one of our favorite actors, the industrious Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad, has recorded an audio version of this book like Samuel L Jackson famously did for its predecessor. He is literally Breaking DAD! But really, there isn’t anyone better suited to play the exasperated father in Adam Mansbach’s book than the man who played Walter White. Eat the food, kid. Or else.

OK, so your child can’t listen to or read this book just yet, but I sure as heck am going to add this to my library. Not unlike the first book, my child who won’t sleep also won’t eat anything other than Zooper Doopers right now. With no sleep or nutrition, I have no idea how she is going to make puberty!

Here’s a clip — enjoy!