Dads, it’s time to become the new super heroes of the kitchen.

Or, at least, put aside your fear of frittatas. And I’ve got just the blokes to teach you.

Gold Coast surfer dads Paul Bullpitt and Blair Tonkin won fans all over the country when they paired up to take on Channel Seven’s My Kitchen Rules last season.

The boys came close to winning the competition with their fresh and exciting cooking, and since the show wrapped up we’ve been waiting to see what they’ll do next. Finally, we can get our hands on their much anticipated cookbook!

I caught up with the boys to find out how they’re going to get Dad into the kitchen.

So, tell me what this book’s all about?

Paul: Food, funnily enough, because it’s a cookbook! Who would have thought? Seriously, though, it’s an opportunity for Blair and I to share the way we eat and hopefully people will embrace it and buy stacks of copies!

You say the book is a collection of meals the whole family will enjoy. Does that include the littlest member who always complains?

Blair: That’s an easy one to fix, you just condition them. After two or three weeks of not eating they’ll eventually eat anything! Crisis averted.

Haha, that is such a Dad solution. But what kind of recipes are in the book?

Blair: There’s a whole range. We’ve gone from breakfast through to midday and midnight and then, thinking of the dads, we put in a whole BBQ section. Then we ended the book with some three course meals if you want to really try and impress.

Has someone picked you up and published the book for you or have you chucked your own money in and taken a massive risk?

Paul: We’ve been very fortunate, we started cold calling some publishers and New Holland have been very good to us. It’s been a big vote of confidence that they wanted to spend as much money as they have to put this thing out. So hopefully in terms of that it means people will want to go out and buy a copy too. We feel very honored that someone thought we were worthy of putting a couple hundred thousand dollars down to put a book out, because apparently it is quite an expensive process.

Tell me about the inner workings of making a cookbook. Blair, what was it like?

Blair: It was more intense than we thought it’d be, actually. Just like anything, you see, you think it’s a good idea at the time but then when you get into it you go, Wow, why did I do this?

There’s just under 80 recipes in the book so that’s a pretty big trial straight away, but then I think we cooked about 50 of them in four days to get photographs out of my kitchen. That was pretty intense!

I’ll put you on the spot, Paul. It’s Sunday night, the whole family is starving, what’s the one meal everyone will eat?

Paul: I’m straight into the BBQ, chicken thighs with a little bit of spice on them and some yoghurt sauce, and I’d also whip up a nice tasty salad.

Yum! And will the book be any good for the kitchen-shy?

Absolutely. If we can, anyone can. Its called Two Dads: Cooking for Family and Friends, and you’ll find it in all good book stores when it comes out on Saturday 1 November.

Just in time for Christmas. Well played, boys.