Brisbane craftaholics are set to gather at Australia’s most popular craft and quilt event, which kicks off this Wednesday at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Quite fittingly, Shelley Craft from Channel 9 has been asked to be the face of the Craft and Quilt Fair. In between helping the Block-Heads and wrangling her two small daughters, the busy mum found time to catch up with us.

Are you a quilter, Shelley? What can we expect to see at the Craft and Quilt Fair?  

Look, I have to admit I’m not much of a quilter, but I appreciate all the work that goes into them. If you’re coming up to the Convention Centre you’ll see the most amazing handy work in the quilt section, it’s unbelievable.

But look, it’s not just for crafty people; it’s a great introduction for anyone interested in finding a new hobby or getting involved in some kind of craft. There’ll be workshops and master classes and everything you need to get crafty.

If you’re into sewing or knitting there’s all sorts of new techniques and skills you can pick up.

For all the hipsters, crafters and the newbies as well as the experts, we’ve got the lot, really.

Now the school holidays have just finished, but the Christmas break is just around the corner. What are the best crafts to do with kids?

Look, there are some great ones! Anything to do with molding or clay work, there’s some fabulous new products that aren’t as delectable as play dough. My girls love tucking into the play dough, so I’ve been looking for something they won’t eat.

There’s this fantastic craft which is called Napkin Art; you can make anything you want out of a napkin, believe it or not. You can make bags or cards, which is great for a Christmas gift.

What is the worst craft you’ve ever done? Mine was Folk Art!

Look, I’ll admit to being a bit of a Fimo fan. You remember those little square plasticine bits that you make necklaces out of? I’m sure I made mum a couple of broaches that I made her wear to work and that was probably the cruelest thing I’ve ever done!

And of course any craft with pinecones, you could stuff the gaps and use them at Christmas time. And back in the Disney days I’d decorate tissue box holder for mother’s day.

Parents out there, don’t be throwing those things out. You will treasure them for eternity!

A little birdy told me you are very handy and in fact made a lot of the decorations for your own wedding. Did that include the Bomboniere?

No, we gave everyone a pair of thongs because we had a wedding down near the beach, but I thought it was a handy present.

Each week we see you on The Block and contestants Max and Karstan are getting married this week, will you be making any of their decorations?

Yeah… no! I would have loved to have been involved in that but I was busy wiping up Max’s dress, that was my handy work.

When they told you they wanted to get married on the show, your face said, “You two are mad, what are you doing!?” is that what you were thinking?

Absolutely! Scotty was in on it, he knew. It was probably the most unique surprise I’ve ever had on the show and I’m usually pretty good at faking it, but that was genuine. I had no idea. I was in complete and utter shock. My first reaction was WHY? But I think Michael summed it up well. He said, “Hey, we’re on TV, they’ll pay for it, we get everything free! Photographers, food, mates flown in…” So basically it was a free wedding for them and a good fun night for the rest of us.

The Craft & Quilt Fair runs at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from October 8 to 12. Shelley Craft will appear at the Fair on Wednesday morning. If you miss her there, you can catch Shelley on The Block Finale this Sunday night when the apartments go to auction at 6.30pm on Nine.