Get your puppies out for 2015! Minds out of the gutters, please — I’m talking about the 2015 Guide Dog Calendar…

One of the perks of my job in the media is being sent freebies! But this week, one package really scared me. It made me face the fact we’re only 104 days away from  2015.

The gift was from Guide Dogs Queensland and it was their 2015 Calendar, which of course was filled with pictures of gorgeous little puppies which left me making sounds like “ohhhhhh”, ”ahhhh” and “Good Lord, 2015 already? I’ve only just mastered writing 2014!”

I thought I’d catch up with Mira Milich, the Community Relations Manager for Guide Dogs Queensland, to ask how we can help support this great charity and the work they do.

Guide dogs

Mira, I wanted to say thank you and congratulations on the Guide Dogs Queensland 2015 calendar!

You’re very welcome and thank you! The calendars are only $20 and can be purchased on our website. That money goes toward supporting Guide Dogs Queensland, in terms of providing Queenslanders who are blind or vision impaired with that freedom, mobility and independence. It’s so important and all donations count.

What I love about this calendar is that it’s so kid friendly! It’s one parents can buy for their little ones and you’ve also got some really good tips in there to help you in your everyday life when you might see a Guide Dog. I know I’ve been breaking one of these tips for years — when I see a guide dog and I’m with my daughter I go up and play with the puppy!

We do like to promote the fact that it is very important that when a guide dog is working or learning that everyone, including children, are aware of the distraction they can cause. For example, don’t pat the dog or call out to it or even feed it. It’s important because it may endanger the life of the client.

How much does it cost to train a guide dog?

To train and place a guide dog it does cost $30,000. That’s just one dog!

Guide dogs

Not only can you buy the calendar, you can join a puppy club where you sponsor a puppy, and I think this is a lovely idea for kids! It’s a way for parents to have a dog, without all the mess and fuss. It’s pure brilliance. 

Yes, you certainly can, and by joining the puppy club we collect monthly donations of around $21, which entitles you to be informed about the puppy on a regular basis and know your money is going towards helping the puppies become fabulous working guide dogs.

It’s a fabulous cause and we’d love to get more Queenslanders on board.

Mira, there are so many mums who will read this and think, “I can get my kid a dog but not really get it a dog. Bingo!”

Ha! Well, we do aim to help everyone we can…

Guide Dogs Queensland does such a wonderful job, so I hope everyone gets behind you and buys a calendar. Christmas presents — done!

You can buy a calendar and find out more about Guide Dogs Queensland at You can go in the running to win a calendar at