Maybe I’m slightly bitter and twisted after spending Father’s Day away from both my Dad and my child’s Dad, but social media yesterday annoyed me more than usual.

It wasn’t the foodies, selfies or sporties that normally make me unfollow, judge or play havoc with my self esteem. It was the endless and relentless photos, montages and heartfelt posts for Dad.

Yes, I’m the Father’s Day scrooge, but seriously, hands up if your Dad is on social media?

My hand, in fact both hands, are firmly sitting at my sides. My Dad, God bless him, would rather step on an up-turned BBQ tool than join ‘that rubbish’. When I did a snap poll of the office this morning to find out if anyone else’s Dad was a social media lover, I discovered that most Dads were like mine — happily oblivious to ‘likes’, ‘pokes’ and status up-dates. So why all the public declarations to a Dad that simply won’t see it?

I imagine the phone conversation goes like this: “Hi Dad, Happy Fathers Day… so I got you the best gift ever. I made a 15 second montage of all our best bits, you would totally love it if you could see it!”

On a serious note, I totally understand a post for a Dad that is no longer with us. Unable to talk, hear or breathe in your Dad on such a day is heartbreaking and having a way to send something up to the heavens is a way to heal the hurt. But for a Dad that is with us, but not with us on social media, it just seems weird to me.

Ellen DeGeneres summed up my thoughts perfectly with this tweet.


I mean really, wishing a Dad or a hubby who isn’t on social media Happy Father’s Day is like hiring a billboard on the Gold Coast to ask someone to marry them, but they live in Melbourne.

Or getting a plane to sky write ‘Love you, Dad’ in the blue skies of the Whitsundays, but they are sitting at home in cold Tasmania wishing you would call.

And yet there they were, post after post after post of, well, this stuff:

“Dad and me on the beach when I was a baby…”

“Dad and me on my wedding day…”

“Dad and me at my 21st birthday…”

“Dad and me in a photo where I look really pretty and/or cute and/or totally hot  and he doesn’t look so good, but that doesn’t matter because I look good and he, like, made me, so even if he looks terrible, he made me and I’m hot/pretty/cute and that therefore means that I should, like, post it for everyone to see, except Dad, because it’s the social media thought that counts, right?”

Father’s Day is to spend with your Dad, not to share a picture of your Dad and then declare he’s the best Dad in the world, because guess what? So’s mine, but I told him so.

With. My. Voice.

My hubby, however, got this.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 6.35.18 AM

Thank goodness my Dad isn’t on social media… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Father’s Day!