Born in 1979 and yet somehow only three-and-a-half years old (I need his fountain of youth), the lovable, ticklish and adorable Elmo is coming down under for an Australian tour.

Since 1969, kids all across the globe have tuned in for 44 seasons of the wonderful Sesame Street. After years of watching the show as a child — and now again with my two-year-old daughter Millie (she watches while I enjoy wine o’clock) — it was a real treat to interview the little red monster, Elmo!

In preparation for the interview I asked Millie what she would like to know about Elmo. She simply said “Will he be my friend?”

With Elmo, that’s a given.

Elmo, you’re about to go on a big amazing holiday with all your friends, and you’re coming down under! G’day to you!

G’day, mate!

What are you looking forward to seeing when you come to Australia?

I can’t wait to see the funny animals like the kangaroos and the dingoes!

Have you heard about the platypus?

Oh, yes! Elmo loves the platypus!

You have a friend who you met on Sesame Street who’s actually a good friend of mine, Jessica Mauboy…

Oh, that’s right, she’s very lovely!

Who’s the better singer? You or Jessica?

Elmo doesn’t believe in competition. How about that?

I love that! Now Elmo, when the Sesame Street gang come down under, I believe you’re making a new friend. The gorgeous, gregarious, globe trotter from the Gold Coast, Lady Baabaa.

Wow, that is a lot of ‘G’ words, that’s very impressive. Lady BaaBaa is very cool — she’s actually a lamb!

Ever since I was young, I’ve watched Sesame Street. Can you tell us what it’s like on Sesame Street?

Well, it’s the best place in the world, Elmo thinks, because everybody is so nice and friendly. You should check it out sometime!

Actually, I would like to know, Elmo… can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

This is what you’ve gotta do, you’ve got to book a flight through to JFK, then you get on the yellow line subway train, and when you get out in Queens call Elmo and he’ll tell you how to get there.

Elmo, is Oscar as grouchy away from work as he is on set?


Is that because he lives in the bin?

Yep, you got it! He does seem to like it, though. He doesn’t seem to mind the bin, it’s everything else he finds a reason to complain about.

There’s been lots of amazing visitors to Sesame Street. You’ve met lots of famous people like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Tyra Banks… who’s been your favourite celebrity visitor?

Oh, boy! That’s a very difficult question because they’re all so fun to be around. But you know, Elmo had a lot of fun with Usher. He did a song with Usher and it was really cool.

Elmo, what do you love to eat for dinner?

Elmo loves macaroni and cheese! It’s a sometimes treat. Eat in moderation.

Well, Elmo, it has been so lovely talking to you, a very big treat! Do you have anything to say to the kids in Queensland?

Elmo loves you all very very much!

Well, I think they love you too, Elmo. And the good news is our favourite Sesame Street friend is heading down under to Queensland with Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, Grover, Zoe and even the Cookie Monster!

Mon 13 October — Ipswich Civic Centre

Thu 16 and Fri 17 October — QUT Gardens Theatre, Brisbane