Brisbane City Council has created two video games to help get the kids involved in recycling and worm farming at home!

You can download Lunchtime Legends and Worm World for free from the App Store.

In Lunchtime Legends, it’s lunchtime and the race is on to recycle! Sort the falling rubbish into the two school bins, and beat the clock and your friends to become Brisbane’s best recycler.

Once you’ve mastered lunchtime recycling, you can take your knowledge home and become the king of composting. But watch out for the possums who will try to raid your bins! (That’s Brisbane for you.) Lunchtime Legends is available for iPad and iPhone.

In Worm World, you’ll get down and dirty with nature’s cutest recyclers and take charge of your very own worm farm. They’re sensitive little creatures, so you’ll have to keep your worm farm healthy! Watch out for the rats and other nasties that will invade and wreak havoc in your worm farm.

Worm World is a fun way for children to learn about worm farms and organic recycling; it’s available for iPad.

Both games are also available on