If your kids don’t know how to swim, aren’t water savvy, or are reluctant swimmers, then winter may prove the perfect opportunity for advancement for little learners.

YES — winter swimming exists.

YES — the pools are heated, usually to a balmy 32 degrees; and

YES — these pools are often located indoors.

It might be cold outside, but venture beyond the fogged up doors at your local Swim Australia Registered Swim School, and through the mysterious haze you’ll notice a warm, non-winter-like aquatic wonderland awaiting. I should know, I’ve been at the pool twice a week for the last two months.

My local swim school (Andrew Baildon’s Superfish Swim School) encouraged me to continue through winter quite simply because kids forget everything they learnt in summer, and once it warms up they will want to jump straight on in. They will have remembered the fun, but not the skills, and that could have serious consequences.

Swim Australia agrees — kids who don’t continue winter swimming may regress in ability come the warmer months, which could prove a potential safety risk.

Pushing yourself and your child through a weekly winter class does have a few sneaky benefits.

“Winter classes are usually not as busy as the summer month sessions, meaning kids may be offered more personalised attention — even one-on-one time,” Swim Australia CEO Ross Gage says.

He’s right on. More often than not Millie has a lesson all to herself. Her teacher is a cute young Canadian guy called Aaron… and when she has him all to herself we are both incredibly happy. Maybe for different reasons, but hey, you need something to make you soldier on.

Then a miraculous thing happened. Millie graduated. No, I’m not bragging about my little two-year-old super fish, I’m bragging about the break I get. I no longer need to be in the pool with her. I cried. Happy tears just poured on out of me. No swimming lessons mean coffee and cake and a ‘Yes, I’m watching’ wave every five minutes or so for half an hour. It’s total Facebook bliss, friends. God bless Winter.

With over 600 Swim Australia Registered Swim Schools located across the state, find your closest centre by jumping on to www.swimaustralia.org.au and clicking on the ‘Find Your Local Swim School’ tab.

With only one month left of winter (YAY), now might be the time to push yourself to the pool, and push your kids in!