The survey says Australians have given the new ‘Family Feud’ the thumbs up.

Channel Ten brought back the classic game show last week and they were pleasantly surprised with great ratings, something the network has needed for some time.

If you’ve never seen or heard of Family Feud… congratulations on waking up from that coma. Kidding. Two families face off answering simple questions that have been surveyed by 100 people to determine the most popular responses. The two families score points by guessing the most popular answers that people surveyed have provided. The more popular the response, the more points each answer receives.

Grant Denyer is the new host, so I caught up with him to find out why Aussie families love it.

Can you believe the amount of families that have registered for Family Feud and the hype around bringing back something old and making it new?

I can promise you this, we never expected it. 35,000 people — I’ve never seen that kind of registration, even in the heyday of Australia’s Got Talent. And that was in only three weeks, and we hadn’t even been on air.

I think it’s a reminder of the soft spot Australians have in their hearts for this show and it is equally exciting and terrifying for me.

What I love about it is everyone wants to be on TV at least once in their life, and there’s all these reality talent shows. This is a show you can go on even if you’ve got no talent!

You know what, that’s exactly what I love about this show. The moment you have a question like ‘Name a yellow fruit’ and someone answers ‘orange’, which has actually happened, you know that anybody truly can play this game no matter how…

…stupid they are?

Okay, you said it!!

There is something magical about this show. I watched it as a kid and I think it’s great as a bit of a distraction from what’s happening around the world.

This show is something you can whack on in the central lounge room, maybe while you’re making dinner or running the bath and the kids can watch it, the parents can yell at the TV; it’s interactive and its nice to see families on screen again

Is it fair to say the dumber the family, the better the show?

Totally! When you ask ‘Name a famous queen’ and they answer ‘Freddie Mercury’, it’s open slather, my friend!

On a serious note, there’s been a lot of talk about your health. How are you going, because it was a bit touch and go for a while there?

Yeah, this time last year I was really quite run down. You know what it’s like in media, you realise there aren’t a lot of these jobs around and it could go at any stage, so if ever an opportunity comes up, you’re too afraid to turn it down and you never take a holiday. So I never said no and never had a break and it nearly killed me.

Well, Grant, we’re so glad you’re well, and good luck with the show. I think it’ll be beautifully received.

Oh, you know what it’s like. The performer inside goes ‘You didn’t tell enough jokes last night!’ and ‘Wait ’til the next couple of eps come…’

You can catch Family Feud on Channel Ten weeknights at 6pm. For more info, head to