I want to share with you my new addiction. I’m stalking another mother.

She’s clever, imaginative and more importantly helping me be a better mother, and yet we have never met in person. I simply follow her on instagram.

Neva Elliot is the Gold Coast mum behind the Busy Little Kids instagram feed. If you haven’t followed her yet, get on it like Nick Kyrgios did Nadal, and become the number one fun Mum in your house. Her easy, clever and nearly free ideas to keep little kids entertained with their imagination has become an instagram hit and now a few simple ideas have turned into an app, and a soon-to-be-released book.

And how nifty, just in time for school holidays.

Neva, what inspired you to create Busy Little Kids?

As a mum I found myself relying on technology to entertain my kids and I realised it was happening too often. I started talking to friends and they said they felt the same way.

When I look back at my childhood my fondest memories are making mud pies, building forts and creating pet rocks and I really want my kids to experience those things too

Originally my instagram page kicked off the Busy Little Kids concept, and it got such a great response from other parents who felt the same way about using technology to keep the kids quiet, and now I’ve developed an app with 110 activities to entertain little ones!

There’s a lot of craft activities and for parents who don’t like craft, there’s fun games and exercises to do with your kids.

You suggest really fun things to do with household products, and my favorite is your outdoor cinema.

Yes, that one’s very popular at my house! Just grab a blanket and your teddies, we like to surround ourselves with lanterns and we take the lap top and watch a movie outside, or alternatively you can read books — it’s simple things like that we often overlook.

Where do you get all your ideas from?

A lot are from my own childhood and my friends have suggested things they love doing with their kids.

When I was researching I found so many activities online were long and costly and they really lost me with their endless instructions. My aim was to create activities with one or two steps.

For parents who aren’t big app users, is Busy Little Kids simple to use?

The app is so simple to use. From the home page you decide if it’s a sunny or rainy day, from there you select either create, imagine or move and then all the activities are listed. A child from three could navigate it and it costs just $2.49.

One of my favorite posts was your DIY wands – where you took an old Baked Beans tin, went out into the yard found some sticks and added a sign saying “magic wands”. What a great simple idea!

Yes! My kids nearly wet themselves when they woke up, they were so excited. They were casting spells and turning each other into frogs all day – and like most of the activities it’s free!

And for us parents who need a few minutes to ourselves to have a cuppa or even use the loo, are there activities to keep them quiet?

Well, my mum always told me if you can entertain yourself you’ll have a friend for life, so I’ve tried to create activities for the kids to do on their own just so mum and dad get that time to themselves!

God bless you, woman…

Haha, thanks!

Find Neva at busylittlekids.com.au. She really doesn’t mind being stalked.