Queen Elsa from Frozen has been spotted in SEQ!

The Frozen phenomenon continues — this week, a real life Queen Elsa look-alike living in the States revealed that since her similarity was discovered, her bank account grew as much as her social media following.

Anna Faith was just an average 18 year old living in Florida with dreams of becoming an actress when she realised she was a dead ringer for Frozen’s most famous character, Queen Elsa. Now Anna’s making a living off performing as Queen Elsa and has thousands of fans who follow her every move.

But in even better news, I’m here to break it to you that we have our very own Queen Elsa too – her real name is Natalie Boyd and she’s a children’s birthday entertainer from Strawberry Fundaes Children’s Entertainment.

I got wind of Nat’s themed birthday parties when a friend told me a bidding war had erupted over her party time table, with mums offering her bribes and trying to schedule parties at unusual hours just to secure Queen Elsa for their little princesses. And then, of course, I demanded her details for my little princess’s third birthday in October.. it seems if I want her, I will need to book now.

I thought I’d share my conversation with her as a community service announcement, so we can all earn our World’s Best Mum coffee cup title.  You’re welcome.

So Nat, you are now on the way to paying off your mortgage early because of mums like me… how did it happen?

It all started when my mum, who’s an amazing dress maker, created me a beautiful Queen Elsa outfit. A friend asked if I could do a party for her daughter as Elsa and after I put a photo on Facebook things went crazy — I’m totally booked out until the end of August, and I haven’t advertised at all.

What do you do at these Frozen birthday parties?

We do Frozen face painting, we play games, and sing and dance in bubbles to all the Frozen songs. It really is so much fun for the kids.

I hear mums are going totally crazy over you, begging you to do two parties in a row and drive really long distances…

The mums are all very excited. Frozen is going gangbusters, so they’re saying they’ll have their birthday party at night just so I can get there after a full day of working elsewhere. They even offer me pretty incredible amounts of cash to cancel other parties to fit them in, but I don’t take bribes. I’d rather try to schedule them in and keep everyone happy. I’ve done parties from the Gold Coast to Brisbane and even Port Douglas.

What other parties do you do?

I do Pirates, Fairies, Katy Perry, Alice in Wonderland, Cowgirls and Pocahontas.

Wow, that’s awesome — could you do them all at once?

Haha! Sure, why not? It would be fun.

Ok, now I need to audition you. Sing…

Oh, really?  I haven’t warmed up yet.

Here, I’ll start… Let it goooooooo…

You are good! If I get sick I’ll give you a call.

If you want to get in touch with Nat about any of her themed birthday parties you can find her on her Strawberry Fundaes website and Facebook page.

Or, you could you book Pearl Jam… my 18 year old self just met my 37 year old self. This I never thought I’d see…..Grunge Rockers doing Let it Go.