Brisbane is quickly becoming Australia’s most disability-friendly city, with the opening of another all-abilities playground in Brisbane’s CBD.

As a parent the struggle with providing for a physically impaired child can be exhausting, and as the government looks for ways to provide for all types of children, playgrounds are fast becoming more advanced.

City Botanic Gardens is now home to a new playground that has been modified and specifically designed to include activities for children with disabilities.

As a part of the Brisbane City Council’s 2012-2017 Access and Inclusion Plan, the council plans to provide public facilities that are both stimulating and interesting for all children.

The park has been constructed with wider pathways so that carers or parents may assist children while playing.

The improved facilities include modifications so that wheelchairs can have access to merry-go-rounds, swings and slides.

The playground also contains bathroom facilities that are disability-friendly, with ceiling hoists for the physically impaired.

The $2 million playground follows the $3 million Park in Whites Hill that is a part of making facilities for children more accessible.

The percentage of our population that have a profound or severe disability is currently at six per cent, and with this astounding figure it is apparent why the council is becoming more involved.

Importantly, children that are usually alienated by their disability are now being integrated into everyday activities like the playground so they can play alongside their friends.

The council sees the promotion of parks catering to children of all abilities as a forward thinking opportunity to make Brisbane stand out.