Get ready for mass excitement from the little people — the Wiggles have confirmed they are coming to town!

Yes, that’s right, the world’s biggest children’s band will be descending on Brisbane in December. I’ll let you decide whether or not to tell the kids now and use it for your evil bribing ways (“get in the big red car now or we are NOT going to see the Wiggles sing that song IN PERSON”)  or save it to the morning of the show to save yourself months of “is it today, mummy?!”

This week I was lucky enough to catch up with Red Wiggle Simon Pryce — the one with the incredibly deep voice — and I made him say something in that deep voice that will be real music to your ears.

Simon’s Wiggling career started many years ago behind the scenes. In true showbiz form, he was friends with a friend’s girlfriend who knew the Wiggles and through that friendship he started voicing characters for the mega-group. In 2011 Simon began touring with the Wiggles, performing as characters like ‘Ringo the Ringmaster’, and his deep voice featured on the Wiggles CDs until he finally made his big break as a full time Wiggle, replacing Murray Cook in 2013.

Simon, I was reading an article about Yellow wiggle Emma, and how adding a female to the group is something kids are loving. Apparently sales have rocketed since she came on board?

Yes, they love Emma, boys and girls, but the girls in particular love to dress up as Emma. The whole things been a really positive experience.

How do you go with the travel? You’re always on the road…

We are! It’s like a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle… well, I guess not ‘lifestyle’, just the touring! We travel every couple of days day, perform about three shows, then move on again. We just did 140 regional shows in a few months so it’s pretty hectic.

Growing up, what’d you want to be? Did you want to be a Wiggle?

Well, no, I didn’t have any dreams of being a Wiggle. Because I had no idea what I wanted to be, my parents took me to a career adviser where I filled out some multiple choice forms and it turned out I was best suited to be a ‘gift card shop owner’. How specific is that!

Could you see yourself as a gift card shop owner?

HAHA! No, I couldn’t.

So what led you to the Wiggles?

It was my years of musical theatre, that I did for fun, that led me to the Wiggles. My deep voice played a big role but I also had to learn to work on my high notes, too, so I’ve got quite a large range — and yes, it’s all true what they say about men who can sing deeply!

Naughty! No wonder the mums love you. What kind of questions do the kids ask you when they get to meet you?

A lot of the time they freeze and get very shy. They tend to say “My favorite colour’s red!” They don’t tend to be that forthcoming…

Before you go, can I just get you to say sorry to all the parents out there, for all the Wiggles songs we’ve had stuck in our heads over the years?

HA! Yes! Of course! I probably need to say that more than once – I’m sorry!!

The Wiggles play Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Tuesday 23 December. For tickets, head to