It won’t come as a surprise to fellow mums that a recent survey of Australian families has highlighted the unequal share of housework in the home…

Not only that, it is a major cause of arguments between men and women. In 75% of homes, Mums are doing the majority of the cleaning duties.

When you consider that over half of the women surveyed by Fantastic Furniture work full or part-time, as well as managing the household, these results show there’s a huge imbalance between the sexes.

Last week on my radio show at 102.9 Hot Tomato, we talked about the household chore we hate the most, and the daily question that drives most mum’s nuts.

My husband has learnt the hard way to not ask that question, or duck for cover if he does otherwise a pot, pan or onion skin will come flying in his general direction.

You know the one kids ask everyday around 4.30pm, “what’s for dinner mum?”  What followed was some great suggestions on how to deal with the daily dinner grind from local mums who suffer through this mind numbing battle everyday.

There was the old trick of making a week worth of food on a Sunday afternoon, then popping it in the fridge to get out and warm up at your leisure.

Another group of mums took that idea a step further and got together after Monday school drop off, with each bringing enough ingredients to make a meal for four families, and they all cooked together then swapped.

Voila! Five meals done and in a fun social situation.

Breakfast for dinner was a bit of a favourite, and then there was the mum who’d resorted to soups.

One big old pot of soup would last her three nights, then she’d make a roast and soup all the leftovers.

This reminded me of my darling Nana who would make a pot and when money was tight at the end of the week, she’d add water to her soups – which left me certain my mum grew up on water!

And don’t get me wrong, I know Dads out there do a lot for their families but it didn’t really come as a surprise to me that there wasn’t a single Dad calling through to offer up some innovative dinner ideas – especially after the same survey revealed just 10% of men admitted to making the dinner each night.

So for the husbands and partners out there who may have forgotten its Mother’s Day this Sunday I have a suggestion for you…

Before you rush out to buy us a new pair of slippers, a box of chocolates we’ll feel guilty eating or the latest Andre Rieu CD, what we’d really love is the day off! A day free of all household responsibilities including dinner, because none of our personalities like cleaning!

I speak on behalf of all mums when I say it’d give us great pleasure watching our other half, and our children, taking on the chores we dread, even if it’s just for one day.

Let us sleep in past 6am. Spend the morning preparing a batch of fluffy pancakes and duck out for some fresh coffee. But don’t forget to clean up the aftermath, because on our day off we don’t want to touch a single dirty dish.

Then as the day rolls on, how about you tackle the dreaded vacuuming, help the little ones clean their rooms and wrap it all up with a few loads of washing?

I hope you get just what you deserve this Mother’s Day – a night off from dinner!! The best bit is, that gift is free.

PS….Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals cookbook works for me….. and here is proof you can do it in 15 minutes.