So Frozen was released on DVD last weekend, and going by the comments on my social media, pretty much every parent on the planet contributed to the Walt Disney retirement fund…

And whether they want to or not, parents will now know every line of the movie off by heart.

The phenomena that is Frozen still amazes me.

Children who can barely speak can very clearly sing every line to Let it Go. Footy-watching Dads will gladly put their hand up to sit through a Frozen sing-a-long session at the movies and secretly love it. And Mums who joke that they are over it, will press play on the DVD player when the kids go to school and sneakily watch it one more time.

But the best thing about Frozen is its bribability factor. Yes I made up a word there, but it’s what I call The Frozen Force. I have discovered I can use The Frozen Force to make my child pretty much do anything.

When she won’t let me brush her hair, I tell her I’ll braid it like Princess Anna and 2.5 seconds later I’m winning hairdresser of the year.

When she won’t put a jumper on to go outside and play in the cold…..I whisper in her ear “Queen Elsa is outside freezing everything” and a minute later she is rugged up and searching for her in the back yard.

Plus a two-year-old tantrum can pretty much be shut down immediately if you break into song –¬†Let it Go has more than one meaning friends.

Upset that I won’t let you eat dog poo……….Let it GO.

Angry that I broke your cheese in half…….Let it GOOOO.

Crying because your shoe looks different, even though it’s no different to yesterday…………LET IT GOOOOOOOOO.

The Frozen Force –¬†helping parents get the mundane stuff done quicker and without a meltdown so we can get the important stuff done, like drink wine in peace.

It’s the parenting tool every parent is using. God bless you and your super powers Disney.

p.s….this will thaw a Frozen Heart. Cuteness Alert.