Forget bath packs, tea towels or new vacuum cleaners, we’ve got some weird and wonderful gift ideas guaranteed to make Mum smile.

Don’t want to give Mum another box of chocolates or Jodi Picoult book for this year’s Mother’s Day? We’ve got you covered with five creative and unusual gift ideas…

1. Adventure time

Is your mum a thrill-seeker – or maybe she just likes a shock to the system every now and then? Why not give her the gift of adrenaline; think skydiving, Story Bridge climb, jet boating – or Mum could tackle Australia’s highest external building climb SkyPoint. It will be a Mother’s Day she’s not likely to forget!

2. For the mum that has everything

Does Mum already have everything she could possibly need? Give on her behalf to those that don’t – several charities (like Oxfam and World Vision) offer charitable donations such as goats, chickens and literary classes for Third World countries that you can ‘gift’ to Mum – you’ll not only make her day, but someone else’s too!

3. dinner and show

Treat Mum to a night of theatre – with Queensland Cabaret Festival on the horizon and some fantastic productions, like QTC’s Gloria, La Boite’s Machina and the incredible The Lion King musical being performed in Brisbane, Mum will be delighted with a gift of drama and glamour. And if she loves the ballet, don’t forget to check out our Contemporary Mum prize pack for your chance to win a gift hamper that includes tickets to Queensland Ballet’s Coppelia.

4. Name in lights

Whether your mother is a fan of astronomy or not, having a star named after her is a truly unique present – she’ll certainly be impressed with your cosmic effort! Sydney Observatory offers naming for stars in their Sydney Southern Star Catalogue – proceeds go directly to the observatory and are tax deductible. The package comes with a certificate and an optional star viewing at the observatory to see the star you’ve named through their telescopes.

5. Give the gift of learning

Has Mum always wanted to learn Spanish? Maybe she wants to fine-tune her Thai cooking skills? Or she’d love to learn the tango, the cha-cha and how to salsa, but somehow never got around to it? Buy her a weekly class subscription to help Mum hone her hobby skills – every week she’ll be thinking about what a good son or daughter you are, and you might even score some vases from her new pottery class…

What are you planning to do this Mother’s Day? Breakfast in bed or something a bit more unique? Let us know!