Let me tell you about the time I bumped into the world’s most famous parents…

Absolute and total fluke you guys.

Over Easter my very own Prince William, my husband Gerard, and I decided to do a road trip from Queensland to Victoria for my cousins wedding. On the way we dropped into Sydney for a night to catch up with some relatives and friends. No, we are not related to the royals, but we certainly caught up.

I am a royalist and have been watching, reading and gobbling up any and all snippets of the Royal couple and my future son in law George. Those who know me know I have spent the last few days glued to the TV, jealous of our Kiwi cousins and their cutesy playdates and nose rub-a-thons. I tell you, if I ever met Prince William I’d tell him I was a Kiwi and eat a mint….come at me royal nose!

Still, with all my knowledge of their every like and dislike, I had no idea that our rather lazy and unorganised itinerary would lead us to be standing 10 meters from the couple, with me having a complete and embarrassing melt down.

It went a little like this.

Drive into Sydney over the Harbour Bridge. See the Opera House and decide to go and have a look around.

Hear on the radio that Will and Kate will be visiting the Opera House, think, hey, let’s go check it out, not because we think we will see them, but because the sea of humanity will be fun to be amongst.

Park under the Opera House and find a park easily (go figure) get out and walk around Opera House, enjoy the atmosphere.

Walk into Opera House and decide to sit at a little cafe near the ticket booth. Notice a table with the Cricket World Cup sitting on it, then notice Glen McGrath standing next to it, then notice a heap of secret service like guys standing around talking into their sleeves…..ok, into walkie talkies, but totes James Bond like. Start to think, “hey, are we meant to be here? Are they about to walk past us?’

A few other people notice the same thing and we all stand at the bottom of the stairs, nervous with anticipation.

Tell Millie that I think she is about to see the Prince and Princess and smooth over her clothes and wipe yogurt from her face and tell her to look pretty, she is about to see her future in-laws.

Then BOOM…a flash of yellow, a hint of a balding noggin and THERE THEY ARE!! 10 meters away from me, I could almost touch them and I was breathing the same air as them. At that moment I acquired what can only be described as situational turrets syndrome as my mouth starts screaming, there they are, and Oh Ah Glen McGrath and anything else totally random, inappropriate and embarrassing like “Wills and Kate come meet my Princess Millie, we should totally have a playdate and Kate if you give me a chance I’m sure we would be BFF’s forever”.

For 10 whole minutes there they were right in front of us posing for photos, talking to celebrities and just being royal. I watched the whole thing with about 40 other equally surprised people that who had also stumbled into royal viewing gold.

Then, as Princess Kate left, she noticed a handsome Prince William look-a-like with a pretty spectacular looking 2-year-old sitting on his shoulders and she waved.

I’m really not kidding SHE WAVED AT US.

At that moment I was hyperventilating, but I snapped back into reality when Millie had a very loud melt down….’WHERE IS THE PRINCESS, I DIDN’T SEE THE PRINCESSSSSSSSS!’

She did see the princess, but that Aussie Gold wearing Princess was not Princess Elsa of Arendale and therefore not actually a real princess at all.

I told her to “Let it Go”

And that my friends is the story of the day I saw a Princess with my very own eyes. Now I’m not so upset about my invitation to the Royal Reception in Brisbane being lost in the mail.