The stellar cast is set, the script is written, but the beautiful lead, Snow White, is yet to be discovered…

She could be right here in Brisbane, hopefully not asleep waiting for her Prince to come with the kiss of life, but ready to audition this week.

Snow White – Winter Family Musical

Dancing Powerhouse of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ fame Bonnie Lythgoe is bringing her years of musical pantomime experience down under. Combining her love of live theatre and reality television she is casting her audition net wide and travelling the country in association with Westfield Shopping Centres to find her Snow White

Pant O-Z Factor: The Search for Snow White.

Co-Written by Magda Szubanski, and starring her as the evil queen, the lucky Snow White will also perform along side Sir Cliff Richard.

A panel of celebrity judges will also be joining Bonnie Lythgoe as she tours the country with the view to discover untapped talent and propel them to stardom at the historic and majestic State Theatre in Sydney in July 2014.  


Saturday, 8 March 2014 – Brisbane – Westfield Chermside 

Sunday, 9 March 2014 – Brisbane – Westfield Chermside 

As a part of the search, Bonnie will be auditioning girls between the ages of 16 to 26. All girls auditioning will be asked to perform 60 seconds of their chosen song.  If successful in the first round, they will be given a scene from Snow White and asked to read that part in front of a celebrity judging panel.  Those successful in each market, will then be called back to Sydney on Tuesday, 25 March.

I was lucky enough to have a quick chat with Bonnie about her excitement and passion for Pantomimes. She also shared her decision to do the nation wide search and what she is looking for.

Why are you auditioning all over the country?

I just feel that there maybe somebody out there that is hugely talented that I don’t want to miss. Why should I only audition in Sydney? There are girls that could miss an opportunity to perform alongside such amazing talent just because of their location.

What are you looking for?

She’s gotta have the Snow White look. If she is blonde she will need to be happy to dye her hair. She has to look like Snow White the children know, fair skin, dark hair, etc. A great singer, able to learn a script, and not afraid to work with people like Magna. I want to find a raw talent and mould them into an amazing professional actress. I have a huge fabulous cast and it would be great to give someone no-body knows an opportunity.

What is it about the pantomime you love so much?

I love the fact that this is the kind of show that children from 3-93 can go to. Families going together. All the Idol shows, X Factor and all of those shows families sit around and watch TV together. That doesn’t happen in theatre very often. I want to bring families together and come to a show, laugh, cry, join in and walk away saying I’ve really had fun. I am very passionate about it, I’ve done big shows in London and I have been doing this a long time, and I love the jokes that go over the kids heads, but the kids laugh because their parents have laughed and I love that.

If it is sucessful, will you bring it to QLD?

I’d love to bring it to QLD, love to, love to! If we get the change we will bring Snow White to Brisbane, and then Aladin, Cinderella and Peter Pan. If we have the success in Sydney we will bring them all to Oz and tour them

The girls will be very nervous. Do you get nervous anymore? How do you get over your nerves? 

Yes I do get nervous. But I’ll be with the girls first, they will come at 9am to me and I will help them with positive feedback so when they come back for the judges I hope it will help them keep their nerves under control. I get nervous because I hate having to tell young people that they didn’t make it. But I hope that I give good words of wisdom to help them go forward anyway….because I have been a dancer and been let down I think that lives with you and so I hate being on the other side and it’s awful to say we can’t take you through, but you can still encourage them.

Do you think you will find your Snow White in QLD, what do you think of the talent here?

Oh, I love the talent in QLD .I was the one who first saw Jack in the first year of auditions and Talia, there is amazing talent in QLD. It has a history for me, and I know there is that talent in QLD. We will sift through everybody and take the cream with us for the final recall, without doubt it is in QLD. QLD Offers great dancing and entertainment, so I’m ready to go on that one.

Fame is becoming a really tough game, what advice do you give to young people striving for a life in the arts?

Just keep saying, negativity is not a good thing, believe in yourself. Don’t think you can’t do it, if you feel in your heart you can’t do it, find something else. Love you, love yourself and be positive in yourself that’s all you can do. Life changed for me when I became famous because of So You Think You Can Dance, and it was fabulous, but tomorrow it could change but I am not afraid of that.