Sometimes you have to step back to really appreciate what you’ve got.

Lily Allen –  I love that woman. She is one of my favourite stars. Not because of her music, which is quirky and meaningful, but because she tells it like it is and I love her for that. Her most recent interview had me nodding in agreement and yelling ‘hell yes mother woman right on!’ But then I stopped to think about it.

Let me explain. On a French radio station Lily confessed that she came out of musical retirement because motherhood was boring. And I quote: “I thought I’d be a really happy mum just sitting at home, playing with my kids, that was my dream. I love my children, but I’m a very impatient, busy person naturally. So two babies, neither of them can talk, it was quite boring! ”

At first I thought, finally! A celebrity prepared to tell the truth. Yes, motherhood can be really boring, and if I was truthful to you (and me and my child) besides needing money to you know, eat, I went back to work to:
• Get my brain working again;
• To reignite my identity after it got very, very confused on maternity leave;
• To enjoy a HOT cup of tea in one sitting, not drawn out over three hours, interrupted every five minutes to put on Playschool, or wipe a bottom, finishing the tea when it is dead cold;
• To get dressed up again and not wear the mummy uniform of jeans and t-shirt when I’m out in public and a tracksuit when I’m not.
• And of course I went back to work to afford said cold cup of tea.

But in all seriousness at the time, like Lily Allen, I thought I was bored with motherhood. I thought sitting on the cold bathroom floor for half an hour coaxing a wee out of my L-plate toilet userwas boring. I thought hearing her scream ‘watch me, watch meeeee MUMMMYYYYY’ a thousand times a day only to stop, watch and see her spinning in circles again was boring. I was bored trying to think of an interesting, nutritious and delicious dinner every night that she would actually eat. And if I had to buy one more bowl of imaginary Weetbix from her $2 shop, (everything costs $2, even Ferraris -currency isn’t her strong point) I’m pretty sure my brain was going to eat itself.

But then I went back to work, and all those little things I thought so boring, I MISSED THEM. I missed her little face so proud of eating everything on her plate. I missed her learning a new dance move that progressed from spinning to adding in some weird but wonderful hand flapping movement. I missed it when her $2 shop progressed to pricing things accordingly – a
milkshake was $5 and a Ferrari $10.

No, I have decided motherhood isn’t boring, it’s far from it. What is boring is those that think it is because they are missing the little miracles happening in front of their eyes every single day.