I saw a funny text message this week and it got me thinking about kids movies and how the plots are all kind of depressing.


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After reading that I started to think about the movies my daughter has watched lately, and when I started to write something similar about them, well, it made me wonder if she should be watching them at all.

Just because they are colourful, have cheery music and happy endings, doesn’t make the dark themes in them any harder to swallow.

Check these descriptions and you will see what I mean.


I just watched a movie where a baby girl is stolen from her parent’s house in the dead of night by a woman who raises it as her own. The girl never sees another human for 18 years until a lying thief accidentally stumbles on her remote home with the intention to escape and hide from the gang he double crossed. They fall in love and together try to escape only to both be captured again, one being stabbed and the other having their most precious asset cut off. Both their lives are forever changed.


A girl without legs falls in love with a wealthy young man who doesn’t know she exists. When her father discovers her secret, and the elaborate shrine dedicated to the man she loves, he destroys everything she has collected to protect her from disappointment. (stalker alert) Determined to prove her father wrong she seeks help from a fat crazy old lady who promises her she will help the girl walk, the only problem, the guy falls in love with the fat old lady instead.

Little Mermaid.

A beautiful young woman gets imprisoned by a aggressive captor who has hidden from society because of his hideous features. His ferocious attitude doesn’t scare her and she suffers from Stockholm Syndrome and falls in love with her kidnapper. Together they ward off the mob that have come to rescue her and her previous lover falls to his death trying to save her. Then, in a twist of fate, her new love almost dies but not before revealing his true identity and the fact he has been lying to her all along.

Beauty and the Beast.


Is it just me, or are kids movie themes even worse than adult ones sometimes?