Ever wondered how to get the things you see on television? Well when it comes to prams…I have the answer for you.

As seen on one of my favorite Aussie shows, known as porn for housewives……I mean Channel 7’s House Husbands, Rozibaby prams are Australian designed and more affordable than some of the big name pram brands, so as you can imagine this one has caught my eye.

The best bit is you can customise it for yourself and there are 64,000 different combinations.

It’s an Australian online startup company and Rozibaby has a cool story.

When Rosh Ghadamian was helping out at his parents’ wholesale flooring textiles company a few years ago, he met a client who needed some assistance distributing baby products. Rosh agreed to help, and soon saw an opportunity of his own. So he began developing his very own pram range  – but with a key difference. Rosh’s prams would be highly customisable, affordable, top quality and sold entirely online – a package that no other manufacturer offered, and something he knew there was a demand for.

Rosh and co-founder Tahir Baig, quickly went about designing a retail model that would let customers create and design a pram to their own personal tastes, with the flexibility to be modified to match the family’s changing needs – and thus, Rozibaby was born.

Since launching in 2012, Rozibaby has enjoyed huge success, becoming the fastest growing pram business in the country and the team now has international expansion plans.

Hilarious isn’t it, that the thing most women get lumbered with when the bundle of joy arrives was designed by a couple of blokes. But when it comes to prams, whoever comes up with the easiest, best and lightest design wins…because let’s face it, most prams suck!

Not sure about you, but my baby pram was the bane of Millie’s baby-hood…I own three and pretty much hate all of them, which is why I am always on the lookout for better.

This may or may not be the answer, but I do love a good story and am happy to spread the word for fellow Aussie entrepreneurs. If you are about to enter baby land, may the force be with you when choosing a pram.