Want your relationship to stay on track in 2014? We have some suggestions that may help…

1. Stop trying to change your partner.

Expecting your partner to change lifelong behaviours will lead you down a fruitless path. But you can help your partner make some improvements if you ask in the right way. If you let your significant other know that you would feel closer to him or her and would be willing to reciprocate, it can make that person want to move mountains.

2. Know your partner’s goals.

Sit down and talk about both of your goals for the new year. Get on the same page about where you want to be in 10 or 20 years. When you know you are working toward the same things, you’ll feel happier and more secure.

3. Make sure you respect your partner’s values.

This is where differences can create problems in a relationship. You can have differing political opinions or religious beliefs, but nothing will push you further apart than feeling like your values are being dismissed.

4. Get rid of petty resentments.

So your mate is messy or always leaves the car on empty? Look, we’re all human. Think about it. Even at your most perfect, I’m sure there’s an annoying flaw or two. Drop your grudge and move on.

5. Know your partner’s communication style.

If your partner is more of a visual communicator, make sure you talk face to face. If your other half is a talker, learn to listen better. If your mate is an emotional communicator, it will help to hold hands and speak softly.

6. Find a middle ground.

You may not always see eye to eye, but you can dance cheek to cheek your whole life if you learn to compromise. If you both accept that you won’t get everything you want and that giving up a little isn’t the same as giving in, you will get along much better. 

7. Trust your judgment.

If you’re not getting along at the moment, remember that you have done it before and you will do it again. You have grown with your partner and are better for it.

8. Take responsibility for your behaviour.

If you have crossed a line, admit it. If you have said something hurtful, apologise, and if you know that you are wrong, say so.

What are your tips for maintaining healthy and happy relationships? Let us know!