Calming the kids down during, or after Christmas is easier said than done. Read on for bmag tips on diffusing the kids’ Christmas hype.

Santa’s visit, the hype of presents, festive foods and fun times with family can be all too much for the little ones by the time the holiday ends. Experts recommend certain tactics for calming the kids this time of year, read on for more detail. 


When kids eat foods high in sugar or carbs, such as white flour products, their blood glucose drops, and their mood can be affected.

Dr. Ann Kulze, M.D, says food additives and colours trigger stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, so it’s important to switch back to natural foods after Christmas.

“The worst choices would be donuts, pastries, cupcakes, cake, candy, soda and other sugar-fortified beverages (fruit drinks, sports drinks),” says Kulze.

Peaches, berries and oranges are good choices for post-Christmas snacks. Some fruit contain natural sedatives to help stress and anxiety. Instead of a sugary treat, handing them a peach will help in the calming down process.


Being surrounded by extended family at Christmas time can be overwhelming for young ones. After the house is looking a bit emptier again, take the time to enjoy some low intensity, family-friendly activities:

Out and About – Visiting a playground, park or going for a swim can lower stress levels

Start some crafts – studies show that kids of all ages respond to craft activities, and they help raise creativity while lowering tension.

Getting back into routine

Christmas hype can be the death of a well-established routine. Regaining regular bed-time and the pre-bed routine needs to be a priority – aim to start showering and brushing teeth at the normal time as soon as possible post-Christmas.

Santa will be back!

With the magic of Santa still in their thoughts, a bit of leverage can be used. If there’s any misbehaving or struggle in the post-Christmas calm-down, remind them that Santa will be back, and he’s already starting his Nice & Naughty list for next year!

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