There are lots of different ways to celebrate Christmas – here’s a few ideas for mixing things up this year!

With roots in long-past pagan traditions, gift-giving is a central part of Christmas celebration. For something a bit different branch out from buying everyone presents and try these fun methods of gift-giving!

1. Secret Santa

This Christmas classic requires everyone to secretly draw a name from a hat and then buy that person a gift. Some variations reveal the Secret Santa afterwards, some keep it hush-hush – either way, it’s good for a laugh and an easy way of not spending lots on gifts!

2. Stolen Santa

Similar to Secret Santa, this adaption means that each person in turn can swap their gift for another’s – whether the other person wants to or not! Going last in this game is ideal as you get the pick of the bunch…

3. Give to charity

Forgoing your own present to help out those less fortunate is very honourable and brings with it its own gift; the warmth and satisfaction of knowing you did something good for someone else. Instead of getting each other gifts, give to charities on behalf of each other and nominate the amount or items in a Christmas card.

4. Guess the gift

Building again on the standard Secret Santa formula, a pile of presents (recipients unmarked) sits waiting to be unwrapped – a present bought for everyone. The presents are all unwrapped and then everyone in the family must guess who the gift is intended for!

5. Psuedo-Santa

While the big man himself is resting after his big night, having someone dress up as Santa and distribute the gifts can be really fun for kids. Some go as far as to have Santa climb over balconies or through windows!

What do you do to celebrate Christmas? How do you give gifts in your family? Let us know!