Make Christmas extra magical this year with a special set of Christmas pyjamas!

There are lots of fun ways to celebrate Christmas Eve, and often the excitement can be a little overwhelming. Do up a little hamper pack for the kids with a Christmas DVD and some fun Christmas pyjamas to help settle them down – this gives them something to unwrap early and hopefully curbs the excitement over presents!

The pictures on Christmas morning will also be adorable and make for great Christmas cards next year.

1. Don’t forget the little ones

While baby might not fully understand what’s going on, still include them in the Christmas festivities with an adorable little outfit.

2. Match it up

Matching Christmas pyjamas are funny and even parents can get involved, like in this video.

3. Funny jammies

Because who wouldn’t want to wear a Christmas tree onesie?

4. Classic Christmas

The archetypal Christmas print will forever have a place in our hearts (and emblazoned across our chests).

5. Personalised pyjamas

With plenty of customisation options available on sites like Etsy, getting your children personalised pyjamas has never been easier.

Do you have special Christmas pyjamas? Let us know what you wear to get in the festive spirit on Christmas eve!