A picnic is a perfect way to spend quality family time in Queensland’s summer weather these holidays.

Picnic season is finally here and the warm weather allows us to set up our blankets and baskets in various outdoor locations, including parks, beaches, hinterlands or on a hiking trail.

So if you’re planning a picnic outing with your family these holidays, become a pro picnic basket packer with this easy to follow checklist:

Picnic essentials:

  • Blankets or rugs
  • Entertainment: Sporting equipment or a family friendly card game
  • Tablewear: This includes cutlery, cups and plates, knives, cutting boards, air tight containers, bottle opener and napkins
  • Cleaning products: As well as napkins for eating, you may require moist towelettes, paper towel and some bin bags to clear away any leftovers
  • Condiments: Some people can not go without their barbecue or tomato sauce, so remember to pack it if it’s needed. Salt and pepper is also something everyone will likely use if offered
  • Drink: to your choosing
  • Food: Easy to pack foods are desirable, such as sandwiches, wraps, salads, fruits and snacks

A picnic generally revolves around the food, so it’s important to provide great tasting food but also make sure it is safe and at a good temperature.

You can make sure your picnic basket is safe when following these three picnic guidelines:

– Take only the amount of food you are likely to use.

– Keep cold food safe by keeping it in a cooler colder thanĀ 5 degrees Celcius to prevent bacteria from growing.

– Don’t pack cooked and raw foods in containers together.

– Pack the food in a well-insulated cooler with a secure lid and don’t open it until you’re ready to serve the food.

– It is better to transport the cooler in an air-conditioned car instead of in a hot trunk.


– Cover foods that are out on the picnic blanket or rug to avoid insects ruining your picnic.

– Avoid leaving perishable food unrefrigerated for more than two hours.


– If the ice in the cooler or esky has melted into water, that will not keep foods at a safe level for consumption later.

– Perishable foods should be placed back in the cooler as you finish eating.

– Consider what leftovers you have and if they have been sitting out for more than an hour with multiple people picking at them, it may just be safe to throw them out.

Will you be going on a picnic these summer holidays? Where are your favourite picnic destinations?