There’s only a few days left to wait to find out your final results, seniors! Find out the latest facts about your QCE and OP here…

Almost 50,000 Year 12 graduates across Queensland will be eagerly awaiting their final results as the Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) completes the packing of certificates.

“The class of 2013 has worked extremely hard and on behalf of Minister Langbroek I congratulate them on their efforts,” says Acting Minister for Education, Training and Employment Ian Walker. “This year, a record 87 per cent of students were awarded a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).”

“A total of 731 students received an OP1 ranking for tertiary entrance with 21,074 receiving an OP between 1 and 15.”

Senior Education Profiles containing students’ final results will start arriving in the post from Monday (16 December), but students can also access their results online from 9am this Saturday (14 December) using their Learner Unique Identifier and password to log into their learning account on the QSA’s Student Connect website.

Mr Walker said that like traditional academic subjects, vocational education and training also had an important place in the senior curriculum. “More than 31,800 students completed a Certificate I, II, III or IV while at school, giving them practical skills and opportunities to move directly into further training and employment,” he said. “It is encouraging to know that Queensland schools continue to offer many different pathways for students to fulfil their aspirations.

“Whether they want to go to university, start an apprenticeship or traineeship, or head directly into the workforce, there is a rewarding career for anybody who puts in the effort to succeed.”

Less than 60 per cent of school leavers would receive an Overall Position (OP), which is why the Newman Government has commissioned a review of the OP system.

“Education has evolved significantly since the Overall Position (OP) tertiary entrance system was introduced in 1992,” he said. “This review is an opportunity for us to ensure that the Queensland system reflects the multitude of ways that senior students can demonstrate achievement and the range of options available to students after they leave school.”

Fast facts

  • 48,873 students will receive a Senior Education Profile — 667 more than last year.
  • 42,646 students will receive a Queensland Certificate of Education — 1870 more than last year.
  • 657 students will receive a Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement — 58 more than last year.
  • 26,608 students will receive a Tertiary Entrance Statement — 415 fewer than last year.
  • 21,074 students will receive Overall Positions (OPs) of between one and 15 — 250 fewer than last year.
  • 731 students will receive an OP1 — seven more than last year.
  • 31,813 students have obtained a VET Certificate I, II, III or IV qualification — 1156 more than last year.
  • 1357 students studied a university subject while still at school — 60 more than last year.

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