Did you know your kids can actually get a reply to their Santa letters? Thanks to Australia post thousands of Aussie kids will receive personal letters from Santa this Christmas.

Now it is school holidays time kids will be putting pen to paper and writing Christmas letters to Santa begging for bikes , dolls and let’s be honest iPads. Instead of the letters collecting dust in a box or ending up in the bin send them via Australia Post and your kids will get a personal reply from Santa Claus.

Last Christmas Australia Post delivered more than 150,000 letters to Santa and all of them received personal replies. This year Austral Post is again receiving letters from hopeful youngsters across Australia so why not encourage your kids to send a letter too?

Wish lists can be sent to:

North Pole 9999

But in order to get a reply make sure you attach a 60c stamp on the front of the envelope and include your name and address on the back so Santa knows where to send his reply. Take your letters to any Australia Post outlet or simply put them in a red street posting box.

Letters to Santa are a great way to get kids writing while they are out of the classroom, plus you can get creative. Check out the Australia Post Santa Mail page for idea, games and more.

This great initiative is sure to fill little minds with wonder all over Australia this Christmas. I would have loved to receive a reply to my Santa letters as a child. What is your opinion on children receiving letters from Santa?

Meanwhile for the adults Australia Post has released the Video Stamp.