Two Brisbane parents have invented the BedSOK – a revolutionary new bedding system that ensures kids stay warm and cosy all night.

Kids and sheets don’t mix, they kick them off, they get tangled in them and eventually you see or hear your child throughout the night and have to go and deal with the problem.

Sueanne Brownhill & Chris McCahon are two pare-ventors from Brisbane whose young family needed a solution to the sheet dilemma.

“We have a young family of our own, so we’re no stranger to broken sleep. We were up and down constantly checking on the kids, pulling covers back up or tending to them when they woke up in the middle of the night,” Sueanne said.

So they decided to get proactive and came up with an idea to ensure kids and sheets need never cross paths again. The BedSOK is a zip up sleeping bag device that ensures kids feel secure and warm and you don’t lose valuable hours of sleep.

“The BedSOK means no more kicking sheets and blankets off which means more sleep for everyone! It’s like a sleeping bag for your child’s bed – they can zip up the sides of their all-in-one sheet and be snug all through the night”.

This invention has another perk that I’m sure all busy parents will love, no more bed making! Getting out of the house is hard enough without the added burden of making beds. With the BedSOK you can just zip up the bag and leave it flat or  roll it up and place it into the nifty storage bags. Did you notice I said place? Not shove and shimmy, the BedSOK bag is a good size not the usual sleeping bags you practically need an army to wrestle with. Plus when you aren’t using the bags they are great for the kids as they are lined, lightweight and colourful.

Sueanne and Chris have been approached by retailers and parents all over the world who are interested in the BedSOK and this new frontier in bedding.

Three BedSOK features

  • 100 % high quality cotton all-in-one sheet set with matching pillow case.
  • Large, child-friendly YKK zips inserted on both sides attach the fitted and flat sheets together and provide quick and easy access from both sides of the bed.
  • Protective zip covers ensure safety and quick access for children to unzip their bedding and unattached slips at the bottom of both sides of the bed provide peace of mind for parents.

Three BedSOK benefits

  • When your child is zipped up in their bedSOK™, they can’t kick their covers off ensuring night-long warmth and a better sleep for the whole family.
  • Making beds (especially bunk beds) is now simple, quick and hassle-free.  No more re-making beds or finding flat sheets crumpled at the bottom of the bed.
  • All-in-one bedding set which can also be used for sleep-overs, holidays, kindy & camping trips.

If bedtime is a struggle for your family BedSOk may be the answer you have been searching for.

What I want to know is when will the adult version be made? Would you or your kids you use the BedSOK ?