Stuck for ideas for the kids to do these holidays? The State Library of Queensland kicks off the holidays with an array of free and ticketed workshops, activities and performances perfect for all ages.

There’s nothing worse than the sound of children moaning ‘I’m bored’ like a broken record. So how can you avoid that these holidays? The State Library has a few ideas to get you started that are fun and educational.

From December to January you can explore the fascinating world of storytelling with hands-on workshops and activities from animation and cartooning to crafting and much more. There will also be performances from popular Top Secret Storytellers Clubhouse, and also a chance to meet the father of storytelling, Murri Claus at Murri Christmas celebrations.

State Librarian Janette Wright says Holiday Fun at State Library of Queensland was a popular family favourite every year with its varied program of fun learning activities for everyone.

“These summer holidays children, young people, and their families can let their imagination run wild as they experience the wonder of stories,” she says.

So avoid the summer holiday boredom, with five suggestions for holiday fun at the State Library:

Murri Christmas (FREE)-

Enter a winter wonderland and spend the day in Murri Claus’ workshop. Become an elf for a day, create some cool crafts or relax in the cinema room, then gather around for a few yarns with Murri Claus, the father of storytelling!

Holiday Fun: Celebrating Stories (FREE)-

This is a program of exhibitions, events and workshops that showcases Queensland’s vibrant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories as they are retold through animation, sharing and bringing community stories to life.

Land, Sea and Sky in the corner (FREE)-

Journey across the land, navigate the seas, and take flight through the skies to discover the connection between the wonders of the Queensland landscape and the many stories that they hold.

Story Lab workshops ($30 to $40)-

Best for those aged nine to 16, children can learn storytelling skills and techniques in workshops based on animation, manga, cartooning and comics.

Secret State Library of Queensland app (FREE)-

The Secret State Library app is free to download and can be used at any time during a visit to the library. Players on the app can discover a secret world inside the State Library by finding hidden clues, winning challenges and earning points.


Will you be taking your children to the State Library these holidays? How important is getting your kids involved in educational activities over the summer break?