Gold Coast mother Niki Burton has introduced ‘Safe Spot’ stickers for vehicles that aim to educate kids about road safety and save lives.

Every year in Australia eight children under five are killed after being run over at low speed, with three children run over in Queensland every week, according to Australian child accident prevention organisation Kidsafe.

Kidsafe also reports more than one third of children under six years of age killed in motor vehicle accidents were killed ‘off road’ in yards, car parks and driveways.

The mother of four, early childhood educator and children’s book author Niki Burton launched the Safe Spot Sticker, a first-time vehicle sticker concept for Australian and overseas markets which provides an exact ‘Safe Spot’ for children to touch, wait and stay safe when entering and exiting a vehicle.

Ms Burton says the idea of the Safe Spot Sticker was born from her own experience of teaching her children to get into and out of the family car safely and the constant worry of keeping her children safe around vehicles and traffic.

The sticker is placed as a visual cue for the safest entry and exit point of a car, positioned outside of a vehicle on the passenger’s side panel near the rear passenger side door, towards the rear of the car.

Ms Burton says the stickers were appropriate for children up to 10-years-old, including children with special needs and is designed to foster road safety knowledge and skills, relieve the stress of parents travelling with children and reduce roadside accidents.

“The stickers are an easily recognised, fun appealing resource that kids look for, recognise, understand and use willingly.

“As a busy mum, I know how hard it can be with a car full of kids getting in and out when you’ve pulled up at school, the shops or a park. It really can be very stressful trying to keep everyone safe,”she says.

Ms Burton says in school pick up and drop off zones or in shopping centre car parks adults don’t always provide positive role modelling for children.

“We hear all too often of tragic accidents with children and cars that in some cases could have been prevented if children and guardians knew, understood and practised using the safest spot to wait when entering or exiting a vehicle,”she says.

She says the introduction of the stickers is all about providing peace of mind for parents and keeping kids safe and are available for purchase now.

This is a great new idea! What do you do to keep your kids safe around cars?