Kids can be expensive, but these apps are free and will have them entertained for hours.

Kids these days pick up technology quicker than some parents… but when your toddler or child is playing on your phone what are some kid friendly and educational apps to keep them occupied?

Learning can be fun and interactive with these five apps, did I mention they’re all free? :

1. Read Me Stories (free)

This app teaches the core skills of reading and speaking, with a new book every day for your child to read along to.

2. Sushi Monster (free)

This Scholastic’s app makes math fun, as children use addition and multiplication to help the monsters survive through the levels on the sushi train and counter.

3. BrainPOP Jnr. (free)

Your child can have access to a different animated educational movie every week with related quizzes and activities. The movie of the week covers subjects within Science, Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Math, Health, Arts and Technology.

4. 123 Kids Fun Music (free)

Designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers, this app takes children on an adventure with sounds with an interactive tap to play Xylophones, Drums, Guitars, Trumpets, Flute, Bells and many more.

5. Dino Dot To Dot (free)

This app is for children and toddlers who love dinosaurs! They can connect the dots on the wonderfully drawn dino pictures and improve their hand-eye coordination by playing on the apps other educational games.


Are your kids app experts? What games are educational that they love playing?