A smoked salmon salad that is all about the outdoors, local produce and it is full of colour and flavour. Check our this recipe from Mantle Group executive chef Deniz Coskun

A bit of background about  Denz Coskum who is our guest chef bringing us this Smoked salmon salad….

Deniz Coskun is Master Chef for Mantle Group Hospitality and is responsible for all culinary staff, culinary standards and menu development.

He develops quality standards and controls with an emphasis on innovation, food safety and consistency. This incorporates central purchasing, functions and banquets, and production and the openings of new venues.

Prior to joining Mantle Group, Deniz was head chef at the Queensland Art Gallery and Bretts Wharf Group, with award-winning restaurants and extensive event and banquet catering

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The smoked salmon salad is an easy dish to plate up…..

The smoked salmon salad icomprises of a smear of goat’s cheese on the plate then arrangeseasoned vegetables, egg, leaves   and the salmon broken up   The finishing touch is a drizzle with truffle oil and cracked pepper.




Serves 4

For salmon:

600gr fresh salmon fillet, pin boned, skin off

100gr mallee wood chips

40gr sea salt plus some extra for seasoning

40gr white sugar

1x orange juice and zest

10x coriander seed

2 tbs chopped dill


For salad:

160gr goat’s cheese

8x baby carrots

8x baby beetroot red tops trimmed to 1 inch

8x baby beetroot yellow tops trimmed to 1 inch

Extra virgin olive oil

16x small leaves from bunches, washed very well

8x asparagus

120gr fresh peas

15gr butter

8x baby chat potatoes

20ml truffle oil

Cracked pepper

4x free range eggs

White vinegar



Place potatoes in a pot with salted water and cook until potatoes are just tender then remove and allow to cool. Place baby beetroot in a tray with plenty of olive oil, seasoning and cover with alfoil.

Be sure to put the yellow and purple beetroots in separate trays. Roast at 160’c until centre feels tender with a skewer. Peel skin off baby beetroot whilst still warm but keep tops on.

Put on a pot of salted water and bring to the boil. Prepare a bowl of iced water. Mix sea salt, white sugar, dill, coriander seed, orange juice and zest together and rub all over salmon. Leave to cure for 1 hour.

Light the barbecue so it’s hot. Meanwhile trim carrot tops to leave 1 inch, pod peas you will need to remove them from the pea pod. This can be done by holding the pea pod between your thumb and index finger and with the seam of the pea pod facing upward. Gently press the pea pod between your fingers until the pod pops open. Then, using your index finger, scoop the peas out and into a bowl. If you are pushed for time use the in the freezer.

Trim asparagus by cutting the bottom ¼ off the asparagus and discard then the remaining is cut in half.

Blanch carrot for in previously prepared salted boiling water for 6 min then place into iced water. Blanch asparagus for 2 min then into iced water. Blanch peas for 1 minute and toss with a little butter and salt.

Place salmon on a metal rack. Put wood chips into an aluminum foil boat and place on the coals of your Webber grill add salmon rack ensuring it is not too close to the hot coals. Place lid on top and cook for around 10 minutes or until salmon is just cooked through.

While salmon is cooking poach eggs in simmering water with a touch of vinegar. Remove and set aside. Remove salmon and start plating up. Season all vegetables place a smear of goat’s cheese on the plate then arrange vegetables, egg, leaves and break up salmon.

Drizzle with truffle oil and cracked pepper.