There’s nothing like a delicious ice-cream on a hot Queensland day, so try Rachael Finch’s home-made nectarine honeycomb flavour.

Serve scoops of the ice-cream with fresh slices of nectarine – Rachael Finch.

Serves 6.

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  • Four nectarines plus additional nectarines for serving, stones removed
  • 1L vanilla ice-cream
  • Two chocolate-coated honeycomb bars


1. Allow ice-cream to soften while preparing the ingredients
2. Cut nectarines into one centimetre dice.
3. Roughly chop the honeycomb bars
4. Stir the nectarine and honeycomb bars into the ice-cream and refreeze
5. Serve scoops of nectarine honeycomb ice-cream with slices of fresh nectarine

Prep time: 10min