Braised short ribs glazed with a Japanese master stock, pickled green tomato salad and burnt garlic confit.

Serves 6.

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Beef short rib bone-in 2kgs

Braising Stock for Short Beef Ribs

  • Veal, or beef liquid stock 2L
  • Brown sugar 30g
  • Balsamic vinegar 100mls
  • Brown onion, peeled, large dice 80g
  • Celery, large dice 0.25 bunch
  • Carrot, peeled, large dice 80g
  • Salt 15g
  • Cracked Black Pepper 15g

Glaze Stock for Beef Short Ribs

  • Beef bones 3kgs
  • Soy sauce 700mls
  • Mirin 1L
  • Sake 800mls
  • Caster sugar 400g

Pickled Tomato Salad

  • Green ox heart tomatoes 120g
  • Garlic finely sliced 5g
  • Spanish onion 40g
  • Rice vinegar 60mls
  • Olive oil 60mls
  • Sugar 15g
  • Salt 15g
  • Green chilli 1 each


  • Garlic head 20g
  • Olive oil 600mls
  • Sichuan pepper 20g
  • Almonds, roasted and crushed 100g
  • Wasabi 10g


Short Rib Braising

  1. Trim short ribs to remove excess fat.
  2. In a pan, sauté onion, celery and carrot till translucent and place in an oven tray.
  3. Season short beef ribs with salt and pepper and place the ribs on top of the vegetables.
  4. Place beef stock, brown sugar and balsamic vinegar so braising liquid covers the ribs. Cover with baking paper (cartouche) then foil and roast at 160°C for 2hrs 30 minutes (take ribs out of the oven every 40 minutes and turnover in liquid then return to oven). The meat on ribs needs to be tender at the completion of cooking. Remove the ribs from braising liquid and refrigerate for two hours.

Glaze Stock

  1. Prepare the Japanese dipping stock by seasoning and roasting the beef bones, then placing them into a pot along with the other stock ingredients. Bring to the boil and stir until the sugar dissolves.
  2. Allow to simmer for 2 hours or until the liquid has reduced by about 25%.

Burnt Garlic Confit

  1. Peel garlic heads and quickly colour in a pan then set aside.
  2. Heat olive oil in a small saucepan over a medium/low heat and add garlic continue to cook over a low heat until garlic is soft.
  3. When garnishing, use a clean spoon to remove garlic from oil.

Grilling Short Ribs
When ready to serve, heat a charcoal grill and caramelise the Short Ribs on all sides. Alternate grilling the Short Ribs and dipping them into the stock, or continuously brush the Short Ribs with the stock while grilling. This will create a sticky, caramelised glaze.