Add goats cheese to his mash to compliment this recipe for spring lamb.


Serves 4

  • 4 pieces of 3-bone lamb racks (frenched)
    1 tblspn Dijon mustard
    1 sprig rosemary
    1 clove garlic
    500g potatoes
    50g butter
    100g goats cheese
    ½ bunch chives chopped
    1 tblspn olive oil
    200g mixed wild mushrooms
    (oyster, field, shimeji, shiitake, button)
    ½ tspn sugar
    1 small brown onion
    250ml lamb gravy
    100ml Shiraz wine
    Salt and pepper grinder to taste


Prepare the lamb racks: remove excess fat from lamb racks and clean the bones with a small knife. Leave the lamb out of the fridge for an hour before cooking.

Remove and discard the stalk from rosemary and chop leaves with the garlic. Rub the lamb meat with the mustard and roll well to coat with the garlic and rosemary mix. Season well with salt and pepper and roast with the bones interlocked for 18-20 minutes at 200ºC for medium or 15-17 minutes for medium rare.

To make the potato mash:

Wash the potatoes and roast dry in the oven for 30 minutes on 200ºC. Remove the potatoes and cut in half then scoop out the flesh from the skins with a dessert spoon into a saucepan
and mash well with butter, goats cheese, chopped chives then some salt and pepper. Set aside to stay warm.

To make the mushroom sauce:

Wash the mushrooms well and cut the larger ones into bite size pieces. Dry on paper towel. Dice the onion and sauté in the olive oil until opaque. Add the mushrooms and toss to lightly
brown. Add the sugar and caramelize then add red wine. Cook for 3 minutes to reduce slightly. Add the lamb gravy and simmer gently to a sauce consistency. Correct the seasoning.

To serve:

Divide the mash onto 4 preheated pasta plates and surround with the mushroom sauce. Cut the racks into cutlets and place onto the mash